Alike is a wearable device that brings the power of social networks to where it matters most, the physical world.

Our unique technology allows crowds to connect in real life, bringing people together like never before.

How it Works

Alike allows you to discover and connect with new friends in person and without the distractions of a phone or computer screen. At an event, each Alike device holds a unique user profile. When two people come into close proximity of each other, their devices communicate and glow to indicate if they are a match.


When two people first meet, Alike compares their unique individual profiles and provides matching feedback in real-time through colored LEDs.
Alike identifies and highlights when different groups of people share the same interests, creating a sense of community in a large crowd.
In addition to wristbands, Alike's proximity technology works on any form-factor, making it adaptable to any type of event.
Our unique broadcast technology allows us to transmit colors to one or many users simultaneously, creating a unique shared experience. 
Alike's integrated system can collect data prior, during and after an event, providing users and event organizers with valuable information.
Our hassle-free technology requires no wifi connection and is quick and easy to set up at small and large events, independent of user registration.



At the ...


At the Active Matter Summit at the MIT, we deployed a conference badge format for 200+ guests, matching user profiles based on different interests and measuring the networking "heat" (using the concept of 'entropy' and an array of colors) generated by people's conversations and proximity.

International Women’s Day

For Accenture, we created 200 wristbands that allowed different groups of clients and employees to connect with each other based on groups of interests. So instead of a direct match between two individuals, different teams were grouped by three categories: Lead, Learn and Listen.

Buddy Cup 

For Budweiser Brazil we developed the Buddy Cup. Vip guests were given individual electronic cups that recognized other cups and, after clinging them together, friend invites were sent via Facebook. You can see it in action here.

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